The rail trail best known to SA cyclists would have to be the Riesling Trail from Auburn to Clare. Nowadays it’s extended by the Rattler Trail from Riverton to Auburn and a northern extension to the locality of Barinia. My question was to work out what to do once you got there. The rail line used to continue northwards to Spalding and a good road follows the line for much of the 35km without an actual rail trail. The road to the east of the line is about half bitumen and half good dirt. On the western side of the line is another less used road that runs along the ridge top for a while. Pictures of my May 2014 round trip from Spalding to Barinia and back:


If old stone bridges are your thing there are a few here by the junction of the Spalding-Burra Rd and the road to Barinia. The railway bridge.


A succession of road bridges, missing, superseded and current


The bitumen section of the Hill River Rd ends at the locality of Andrews.


Typical farming land of the region, in the long parallel valleys of the Mid North of SA. The road is quiet and gravel surfaced, not terribly exciting.


Ascending from the valley bottom to the crest before Barinia.


Here is the northern end of the Riesling Trail at Barinia.


And the picnic bench at Barinia is where I stopped for lunch. Nothing much else there in the way of facilities.


The return to Spalding along Calcinia Rd, the other, western road.


And the road gets more interesting, now just an earthen track.


Big gums in the fields


Rolling hills


and descents with views


and more views from Hilltop Rd


and yet more views, a wind farm on the far away range.

After that it’s back down to Andrews and follow the bitumen road back to Spalding.

To sum up, the railway trackway isn’t the bit with the best scenery but it’s alongside an all weather road on the way to Spalding. The roads along the ridge made my day all the sunnier. Enjoy them if you can.